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Astrology | “What’s your sign?” Once considered a fringe topic, astrology is now more popular than ever, thanks to meme culture and AI entering the fray. But how does it actually work? And are horoscopes even honest? As a lifelong student of astrology and an editor for astrologers, I love diving into the intricacies of the natal chart: the unique snapshot of the universe when you were born. Understanding the energy of the cosmos at the moment of one’s birth provides us with a deeper understanding of how we show up in the world and what our purpose is on the planet. 


Workshop | The Contemporary Cosmos: An Introduction to Astrology

In this series, we’ll dive into the intricacies of the natal chart: the unique snapshot of the universe when you were born. This course empowers you to read and interpret your own natal chart, and begin to understand other people’s charts.

The entire series is recommended for a comprehensive deep dive into your astrological makeup, but you can take each course a la carte. After registration, e-mail the exact date, time, and place of your birth. All participants will receive a personal natal chart and a workbook to use during and outside of the course.

  • Course 1 | Intro to Astrology: Reading Your Natal Chart

  • Course 2 | Love & Money

  • Course 3 | Astrogeography: Where to Travel & Live 

Natal Chart Readings | A personal reading tailored to your questions and needs. Please include your exact date and time of birth, location of birth, any themes you want to discuss, and places you have in mind. 

  • Abbreviated Solo Session: $75 (can be applied to full session)

    • Your natal chart

    • A 30-minute call with a brief overview

  • Full Solo Session: $200 

    • Your natal chart

    • Your unique astrogeography chart

    • An hour-long call focused on your questions

    • An audio recording of your reading (via Zoom)

  • Couples Session: $350 

  • Business Partnership Session: $350 

  • Optional Add On: 2,000-word written report: $150 

Fill out the form to book. Invoice will be sent via PayPal. Please pay in full before the scheduled reading.