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CEDE aims to bring back the textural, tactile and sensory experience of clothing with made-to-measure, custom garments.

The White Collection is a blank canvas, a jumping off point, a clean slate. The garments in the collection do not constitute a traditional ‘clothing line,’ in that they’re simply ideas meant to be built off of, changed, and recreated to your specifications.

Each piece is co-created between designer Elizabeth de Cleyre and you, the wearer. With this collection as a rough draft, we revise the fabric, color, print, and size until the piece becomes your own, and truly one of a kind. 

CEDE garments are cut by hand and machine sewn, combining traditional techniques, environmentally-friendly natural fibers, and timeless silhouettes to construct minimal, wearable clothing.

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photography: Elizabeth de Cleyre
model: Becca Cooke
hair & makeup: Serena Wagner