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As a writer, editor, and publishing consultant, I have helped guide over 70 writers and authors to publication. I’m passionate about helping people articulate their ideas, wisdom, and experience to an audience that needs to hear it. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or someone who does not self-identify as a writer, I’d love to help you shape your story.

A partial list of offerings, tailored to complement a client's voice, mission, & vision:

Creative Consulting: assisting emerging and established artists and entrepreneurs with websites, marketing and wholesale materials

Publishing Consultations: discuss publishing options, book ideas, and ongoing marketing strategies for writers and authors

Writing: nonfiction books, essays, articles, blogs, literary magazine reviews, & book reviews

Copywriting: product descriptions, blog posts, business plans, marketing materials, communications strategies & more

Copyediting & Editing: ranging from light grammatical editing to heavy developmental edits of short stories, essays, textbooks, thesis papers, articles, dissertations, & more

Proofreading: for clarity, grammar, & context


Personalized, one-on-one manuscript evaluations and edits
for artists, business owners, counselors, creatives, designers, healers, and writers.

Tier 1: Manuscript Evaluation & Assessment

Tier 2: Manuscript Copyediting & Proofreading

Tier 3: Manuscript Edit & Revision

Tier 4: Full-Service Manuscript Development

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