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Sustainable, Ethical, or Slow Fashion: What's the Difference?

Someone once asked why I make “sustainable” fashion, and I hesitated to answer. Was my clothing sustainable? Or was it ethical? Slow? Did it even make a difference?

I’ve been on this journey toward more mindful consumption for years, and when this gave me pause, I couldn’t help but wonder how those who are new to conscious consumerism feel.

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What's the Difference Between Made-to-Order and Made-to-Measure Clothing?

There’s nothing new about made-to-order clothing. Decades and even centuries ago, most of what people wore was made to order, and clients worked closely with tailors to ensure garments fit properly. Now, with consciousness around clothing and consumerism on the rise, more and more brands are adopting a “made-to-order” strategy. But what does that mean, and what’s the difference between made to order and made to measure?

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