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CEDE aims to bring back the textural, tactile and sensory experience of clothing with made-to-measure, custom garments.

Each garment is cut by hand and machine sewn with single needle tailoring. Founder and maker Elizabeth de Cleyre uses natural fibers, traditional techniques, and timeless silhouettes to construct minimal, wearable clothing.

jewelry by Salt Collective; photos by Alexandra Mae Photography

available to co-create custom, one-of-a-kind, wearable garments

because some people love clothes but hate shopping. They dread driving to a store, combing through racks, and trying things on in ill-lit dressing rooms, unable to envision what the garment will actually look and feel like when it comes home with them. Then there’s online shopping — the endless stream of options from all over the world, all flattened on a screen, and missing the textural, tactile, sensory experience that makes clothing clothing.

I want you to know there is another option. In this other option, you could meet an artist for coffee (or tea) and the artist asks ask you about your life — what do you “do,” what do you like, how do you move through the world — and the two of you co-create something to suit it.

I believe our wardrobes are a reflection of how we move through the world, an extension or expression of identity, and a creative act. For you, clothing might be functional, a shield, a way of connecting with others, or a cocoon.

Whatever it is, we’ll sit down and discuss your life, and the patterns, fabrics, and colors that might fit into it. This is a process of co-creation, where I offer shapes and techniques I enjoy executing in fabric, and you give guidance on what you want to integrate into your life. In the end, you receive a piece of clothing that is wholly unique to you and your lifestyle.

View the White Collection for inspiration, read a few testimonials on CEDE, read up on our policies, and book a consultation below.

The Process

1. A 30-minute consultation to discuss what you currently wear and what you're looking for in a custom garment. We'll discuss fabric types, fit, colors, and styles.

2. Measurements & Fabric + Elizabeth will take your measurements and keep them on file. If the fabric is not in stock, swatches will be ordered for you to proof. 

3. Production + Elizabeth will sew the garment and consult you if she has any questions.

4. Fitting + Elizabeth will bring the garment for a fitting, at which point be able to request minor changes to the hemlines or overall construction. We want to make sure you're 100% happy with your new garment.

5. Show off your new wares! We can't wait to see you out and about in your new piece. Please be sure to stay in touch!