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Sizing is arbitrary. I’m considered a petite in some brands and a medium in others. I’ve worn dresses that are size 2 and others that are size 6. I’ve worn size 9 jeans and size 26. And frankly, in a society that equates smallness with beauty, I wasted too many days pairing my self-worth with the number inside of a garment. Over time, the sizing of brands has shifted and expectations of women have gotten more and more unrealistic, providing us with a no-win, moving goalpost based on a broken definition of beauty. I never want other women to feel less than because of an arbitrary number that often changes.

Size and fit drive me so crazy, I wrote an extended piece, “Why I Don’t List Sizes on Garments.”

The reasons I love making my own clothes are manifold, but the most important reason is fit: by making my own clothes, I make items that actually fit my body and my lifestyle.

The reason I make made-to-measure clothing is because I take into account the whole person. Working with new clients, I take at least seven measurements (some couture houses require at least 30). I ask where they want the length to hit, how long they like their sleeves, and which type of neckline they prefer. With few exceptions, I believe everything about a garment is customizable, because everything about a body is unique. And my pricing is the same regardless of size. (The only factors that change the cost of a custom piece is if the fabric is pricier per yard, or if there are complicated customizations.)

No, my garments aren’t going to be for everyone, but I wanted to offer an option for people like me who were between sizes, confused and irritated, and tired of all the guesswork.

Selfishly, I wanted to offer what I was looking for: custom, made-to-measure pieces in natural fibers, simple and timeless silhouettes, in a color and design that makes the wearer feel like themselves.